NYC x Design 2023


NYC Design Week
May 17 - June 7 | 11-6pm | 
16 Crosby Street
New York NY 10013

Arielle Assouline-Lichten presents new work titled Unbroken that centers around ephemerality, transience, and the celebration of imperfection. Signature pieces by her studio Slash Objects are on view as well, such as the Coexist Collection and the Adri Chair. Arielle's approach to furniture design is rooted in elevating overlooked source materials to create bespoke elegance with timeless materials.

In Unbroken, fractured marble and onyx are transformed into furniture that play on the dichotomy between chaos and order. In utilizing found stone, Arielle developed a design system that adapts to irregularity, enabling each piece to be a product of its own constraints. Unbroken showcases the beauty of imperfection, and highlights the importance of longevity in a world where everything is treated as disposable.

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