At Slash Objects we think differently about the way materials are used. Our mission started with discarded tires – a global byproduct of society which creates a huge amount of waste. In this waste, we saw possibilities. We wanted to imagine new lifecycles where this material, and others, could be diverted from landfills and be put back to productive use. We knew there was potential, and that it would take a lot of imagination to get there.

Grounded in the strength of our designs, together with long-lasting materials, we transform waste into beautiful new products.

Creating a circular economy starts by diverting waste from landfills and lasts through the power of design.

Materials matter in a world where resources are finite. We aim to use materials thoughtfully throughout the process of production.


280 million tires are discarded each year in the United States, and only 30 million get recycled. Recycled tires get shredded into reusable rubber crumb which can be repurposed many ways. Our recycled rubber is LEED certified, and our manufacturer captures waste throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the most thought and care has been taken to bring these products to market.


We believe in the power of a circular economy. We believe in a future of beautiful products made using recycled materials. We believe that design can change the world through the choices we make.

We aim to create a way of working with materials that thinks through each stage of a product’s lifecycle, by capturing waste, transforming it through bold and beautiful design choices in order to create long lasting products for a better world.


To create long lasting pieces, we have chosen to work with rich materials such as marble, metal, concrete, and ceramic together with the recycled rubber. This allows for an exciting mixture of textures to delight the palate, while producing pieces which can stand the ages. Functional and beautiful, these materials come together in harmonious arrangements with a sense of play.